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GlowCycle LED Valve


No matter if it’s a bicycle, motorcycle or car these valve lights will drastically improve safety on the road by increasing visibility on the sides, specially at night and during bad weather conditions. When the wheel is rotating, the lights turn on automatically (no wires or switches!) combining the extra safety with a stylish appearance.

  • Suitable for Woods and Schrader valves;
  • Each package comes with 2 valve lights (batteries included).
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

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  • Fits most bicycles, motorcycles and cars (Woods and Schrader valves).

  • Easy to install and remove, just like a regular valve cap.

  • Improves safety on the road by increasing visibility specially at night and during bad weather conditions.

  • Lights turn ON automatically when the wheel is rotating and turn OFF when the vehicle stops (no wires or switches!).
  • Long lasting materials that will guarantee your safety for an affordable price.

Package: 2x Tire Valve Cap LED lights (batteries included).

Tips: Before using remove the white insulation sheet inside the valve battery box.


Tire Valve Cap LED light




Battery (3x AG10 button batteries). Included.


2 pieces per package

Net Weight

30g / 1.1oz

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